The Secrets to Losing Face Fat

After looking in the mirror, many men and women’s eyes begin to move over their bodies, lingering longer on places that could benefit from a little extra weight loss. They may find themselves looking for exercises that can help to tighten and tone the belly or exercises that can change the looks of their legs. But many have specific questions about parts of the body that aren’t necessarily targeted by certain exercises. Can you lose face fat?

Cardio Works for Fat Everywhere

If there is fat on the body, cardio is one of the best options for addressing it. Even if running on the treadmill or walking at a fast pace doesn’t seem to be effecting the fat on the face, it actually is. The best part? It is actually working on fat in various parts of the body. It is important to note that some people tend to have a little bit of a rounder looking face than others. This can be more genetics that it is weight loss. It’s important for people looking to focus on weight loss, regardless of the area of the body, have reasonable expectations.


Toning is Possible

It might give some people hope to know that they can attempt to tone this area of the body. Exercising the face is simple, easy to do, and can be done just about anywhere. There’s no reason to put on yoga clothes to stretch and work out muscles in the face. Holding a big smile for thirty seconds and then taking a break can be done in the car, in the office, or even while watching television. Puffing out the cheeks may look a little funny. But holding it for another thirty seconds and then relaxing throughout the day can make a real difference.

The Same Old Advice

No matter where the fat is located on the body, most professionals, including those in the medical field, propose that individuals focus on both their activity levels and their diets. Despite the recent talk of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), diet and exercise can enhance results. For more information about diet, exercise, losing weight, and even weight loss supplements, check out This post about cla and weight loss.

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